British colombia

This culturally diversified and one of Canada’s largest provinces is a hotbed of economic development The British Columbia Provincial Nomination Program (BCPNP) offers potential immigrants a large number of opportunities to be nominated by the government of British Columbia. Candidates must have the required skill set and desired qualification to work for a specific employer in British Columbia and contribute to the country’s growth and development. Through the British Columbia PNP, the provincial government selects foreign skilled workers for visa nomination. Forestry, hotels, mining, food processing, healthcare, information technology, and other businesses support the economy of this Canadian province, which is noted for its natural resources. Immigrants and people from all over the world are welcomed by its diverse community. Immigrants, foreign skilled workers, entrepreneurs, and students can take advantage of social welfare programmes, enjoy visual splendour in the form of wide woods and gorgeous landscapes, and explore a variety of chances to put their skills and talents to good use. As a result, British Columbia has risen to the top of the list for those seeking to immigrate to Canada. In comparison to other Canadian provinces, the British Columbia PNP has a straightforward application process. A letter of full-time employment from a British Columbia employer. The employer should be prepared to assist candidates during the application process. If a candidate has a degree from British Columbia University, the job letter is not necessary. With the use of the British Columbia points calculator, the applicant will be given a score. Candidates’ profiles will be added to a pool for selection. Candidates with the highest scores will be chosen by the British Columbia authorities.


Express Entry

The Skills Immigration Registration System (SIRS), which was introduced in 2016 by the British Columbia government, is a point-based selection system that determines applicants’ eligibility based on characteristics such as age, educational qualification, work experience, job offer, and so on. Please note that Skill Immigration BC is a different programme with its own eligibility rules, even though individuals from British Columbia can apply through the Express Entry programme. Under this category, an applicant must meet the requirements of both the express entry visa and the British Columbia PNP. Candidates that are shortlisted for nomination by the province of British Columbia will receive 600 additional points in the Express Entry programme.
Workers with Advanced Skills
The British Columbia province picks candidates in this category after scrutinising key factors, making it one of the most popular streams of immigration to Canada. Candidates must have two years of work experience, an offer letter from a Canadian company in British Columbia, complete the employer’s eligibility requirements, and meet the minimum language requirements for the NOC skill type B category.
Professional in the Medical Field
British Columbia is widely regarded as the greatest Canadian province for attracting health-care workers such as nurses, physicians, and other healthcare professionals. Job candidates in this category must have two years of relevant job experience in the healthcare industry and an IELTS score of at least 6.5. General Physicians, Registered Nurses, Medical Domain Specialists, Registered Psychiatric Nurses, Healthcare Practitioners, Diagnostic Medical Sonographers, Clinical Pharmacists, Medical Laboratory Technologist, Medical Radiation Technologist, Occupational Therapists, and Physiotherapists are some of the healthcare professionals and practitioners who can apply under this category.

International Graduate Category

This category provides fresh graduates with possibilities to settle in British Columbia. This stream is only open to students who have graduated from a recognised Canadian institute or university within the last three years. Candidates must have a full-time job offer letter from a British Columbia employer, meet employment qualifications, and have a minimum IELTS language score. Please keep in mind that the position you’ve chosen must be on the NOC list.

Postgraduate Category

Candidates who have acquired postgraduate or doctoral degrees in natural, applied, or health sciences from any recognised institute of higher learning in British Columbia fall into this group. Aspirants must meet the following requirements: a minimum educational qualification, proof of sufficient means to settle, a minimum IELTS language score, a desire to live and settle in British Columbia, and an offer letter from one of the organizations specified in the NOC. Candidates for the International Postgraduate Program must have completed one of the following courses: Agriculture; Biological and Biomedical Sciences; Computer and Information Sciences, as well as support services Engineering and Engineering Technology • Applied Health Sciences and Healthcare Strategies • Natural Resources Conservation •,Physical Sciences

Semi-Skilled Worker at the Entry Level

This is a good stream for semi-skilled individuals or people who are just starting their careers. Candidates for this category must have a minimum of nine months of work experience in tourism, hospitality, food processing, or long-haul truck driving, as well as a desired educational qualification, a minimum IELTS language score, and ongoing engagement with an employer at the time of application evaluation.

Entrepreneur immigration

This stream is meant for entrepreneurs and people wishing to invest in a locally operated business in British Columbia or establish an innovative start up. This stream also takes into consideration both business managers and owners as long as they have sufficient funds for investment and sustenance. This makes candidates eligible to be nominated for permanent residence under Entrepreneur immigration stream of British Columbia.

The program has two sub categories:

  • Regional Pilot CategoryIntroduced in 2019, this stream is applicable to business owners who wish to start a new venture in a small community. This two-year pilot program aims to address various demographic challenges in small communities. The selected entrepreneurs will first get a work permit and have to run a business for at least 12 months. Further, eligibility for this program includes a minimum personal worth of CAD 3,00,000 along with minimum experience of three years in business management during last five years as well as attain minimum language score in IELTS. The candidate should have an approved business plan that could generate employment and 100% ownership of the previous company or business.
  • Strategic Projects CategoryThis category is meant for foreign companies to set up an office in British Columbia. The company can nominate up to 5 people for Permanent Residency in this province. The company should have good financial standing, legally viable resources, credible foundations and proposed list of eligible candidates for PR. Generally, the net worth of the company should be CAD 20,000,000 and a minimum equity investment of CAD 500,000. The company should be able to create at least three additional jobs in Canada.The processing time starts from the date of submission of application for analysis followed by strict evaluation before selection of candidates. Hence, the processing time for British Colombia PNP depends on various factors such as profile of candidate as well as nature of program through which the candidate has applied for immigration process. Generally, assessment time of applications under British Colombia PNP is four months. It takes less time in some cases depending on credentials of application.

Employer Requirements for the PNP in British Columbia

In British Columbia, you should be a reputable employer. Should give a full-time job that is permanent (with no predetermined expiration date).  Be able to demonstrate a track record of ethical company operations and an optimal work environment. An employer declaration must be signed. Candidate should be able to fill positions on the domestic labour market (if applicable).  Candidates should be paid a standard wage (as determined by the industry)