New Brunswick

The New Brunswick province is situated on the eastern coast of Canada on the Atlantic Ocean. It is bounded by Quebec to the west and Nova Scotia to the east. To the north, it has a land border with New England states of Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont. New Brunswick is bordered by the Bay of Fundy to the east, which is famous for its spectacular tidal races and 16-metre high tides. The immigration streams are designed for attracting and retaining new immigrants who can cater to gaps in the labor market and meaningfully contribute to the local communities and economies. Overseas nationals who aspire to immigrate to Canada and obtain PR have several options through the New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program The capital city of New Brunswick is Saint John. the second-largest city is Moncton with about 72000 inhabitants. Agriculture is important in New Brunswick and forestry and fishing are also significant industries. New Brunswick has the most affordable real estate in Canada.



  • Entrepreneurial stream This program is meant for Senior Business Managers or experienced business owners who plan to live in the province. Applicants who are successful must either start a new firm or buy an existing one and actively participate in its day-to-day management activities. Individual must have visited the province for at least 5 business days in the previous year. Individuals must have a net worth of at least $200,000 and desire to settle in the area.
  • Post-Graduate Entrepreneurial Stream The Post-Graduate Entrepreneurial Stream is designed for international students who have graduated from a New Brunswick post-secondary institute and have at least one year of experience in their field of study within the last three years. It might be at a New Brunswick University or Community College that is accredited. They must also have owned and operated a business in the province for at least one year. They must also have lived in the province throughout the course of study. They must also have a clean criminal record and complete language competence criteria.

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program is a programme designed to test immigration policies in the Atlantic. The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program includes New Brunswick as one of its members. AIPP is an employer-driven immigration programme aimed at increasing the employment and population of the Atlantic Canada region’s four provinces. AIPP will welcome an additional 2,000 immigrants and their families to Canada. This might be for one of the four provinces: New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, or Prince Edward Island.

Minors under the age of 20 are not eligible to qualify for the New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program.
Language Proficiency — If you want to work as a skilled worker, you’ll need to provide proof of your English or French language abilities.
Education — Applicants must have a New Brunswick-accredited post-secondary degree, evidence of their field’s licensure requirements, or six months of experience.