The Yukon Territory is situated between the Northwest Territories and British Columbia. Yukon is a Canadian territory that became a territory on March 13, 1999.The territory’s primary language is English, but there are several small communities that speak other languages as well. Yukon Nominee Program aims to recruit abroad employees and entrepreneurs from across the world who have the drive, resources, and skills to help Yukon’s economy. YNP has multiple distinct streams, and the qualifying conditions for each one change. Employers in Yukon actively recruit qualified workers, while immigration officials seek new firms that may be supported to enhance the economy and enrich the community. Historically, there has been some difficulties attracting immigrants due to a lack of communities. The majority of immigration candidates choose to live in well-known and established provinces.. However, a rather less popular Canada PNP like Yukon Nominee Program can offer a smooth pathway for Permanent Residency.

  • Yukon Express Entry The Yukon Government introduced the YNP Express Entry Stream in 2015. This path is aligned with the federal Express Entry system. The stream is intended to expedite candidates for permanent residency based on their ability to secure an employment offer from a Yukon company. Candidates must have at least one year of experience in the past three years and be offered full-time work by a qualifying company with a successful YNP Employer Pre-Screen application to qualify. Instead of a job offer, successful applicants receive a letter of recommendation. In the Express Entry profile, successful candidates are awarded 600 points for their CRS score. Candidates must also provide proof of adequate language ability in English or French during the application process, intend to live in the province, and submit points test before attending an interview where they will be evaluated on their overall potential to contribute positively to the Yukon’s economy.
  • Yukon Skilled Worker Candidates must have skilled work experience and a legitimate job offer from a Yukon company. They must be able to establish that they have at least one year of experience in an area related to their occupation within the previous three years and that they are qualified to undertake work beneficial to the Yukon’s economy. The Skilled Worker stream is intended to fill important labour market needs in the Yukon.
  • Yukon Critical Impact Worker This stream is intended to recruit employees who will have a beneficial economic impact on the Yukon. Critical Impact Worker of the Yukon Nominee Program provides qualifying workers with the opportunity to seek Provincial Nomination. Candidates must have a legal employment offer from a Yukon business and semi-skilled work experience. Candidates must have at least two years of experience within the past five years. The Critical Impact Worker stream attempts to fill labour shortages in Yukon by bringing in international employees with relevant experience in semi-skilled or low-skilled industries.
  • Yukon Business Nominee To help the Yukon Territory’s economy, the Yukon Territory is searching for applicants with shown business and entrepreneurial talents to run their own enterprises. To be eligible for the Business Nominee Program, applicants must plan to own and operate a business in Yukon. To read more go to tab ( business link )
  • Yukon Community Pilot